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Charlotte's Bookshelf <3

As some of you may know, or if you have visited before. I have a bookshelf with a range of books that are for sale. All donations will go to the charity; Lottie's Way. This charity has been set up in honour of my late friend, Charlotte. Charlotte, unfortunately, left us on the 9th of April 2022, due to a car crash, she was hit by a drunk driver, partaking in reckless driving. She was the most amazing and beautiful person, you'd ever meet. She had so much love to give and was always my number-one person to go to in times of need. I miss her and think about her daily, and I want to help her legacy and memory live on. Therefore, a little start to my fundraising is this bookshelf, which is doing amazing and I thank everybody who has donated, I have reached over £970+ so far. If you visit us, please have a look at the bookshelf, there's something for everybody and I would appreciate it so much. I have added a donate button below, where you can donate to her charity page. I recently visited Kenya myself in April 2023, in Charlotte's memory - and I was in awe of the work of Charlotte Dad's charity - Taking Football to Africa and Beyond, I am visiting again in March 2024, this time will be the first year we are going as Lottie's Way. I was honoured to visit some of Charlotte's favourite schools and people out there, to see the impact she had on the children and the places were amazing. Thank you again and if you would like to read more on Lotties Way, please click the donate button which will take you to the website.

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